Andreas Parker


Skamlös Springsteen-dyrkan...

so full of life and happiness
yeah, you looked so fine in your wedding dress
you swore in church your love was true
but baby, the world'll catch up with you

with holes to fill and bills to pay
you lose your love, you lose your way
what once seemed right, now feels wrong
and your pretty smile is long since gone

take a look in the mirror and break its glass
change your clothes, let the bad times pass
and realize you're worth so much more
take that chance, that's what life is for

dust of your shoes, hold your head up high
don't look back, the train's leaving tonight
there's a chance to live waiting in this rusty car

kiss your old lovers, say goodbye to your friends
maybe you'll meet up the road again
but tonight it's time to mend your broken heart